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Dream Financial Planning

The client may have made edits to this site that do not reflect the orginal design.

Project Overview

Based in Reston, VA, Dream Financial Planning stands as a trusted financial advisory firm. Leveraging the Twenty Over Ten platform, I transformed their digital presence. With only their logo in hand, the mission was clear: drive new business while nurturing existing client relationships through regular, insightful blogging.

By harmonizing serene blue hues, celestial imagery of the sky and stars, and a refined sans-serif typeface, I crafted a website exuding both tranquility and professionalism, aligning seamlessly with their vision.

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Design Process


The process began with an introductory meeting where I delved into the client's goals and expectations. Through this discussion, I obtained insights regarding their business operations, aspirations, and the envisioned role of the website.

Through this research, I learned Dream Financial Planning's ambition was twofold: to attract fresh clientele and to foster connections with existing clientele through engaging and informative blog posts.


The defined design problem for Dream Financial Planning was the need to establish a compelling digital presence that effectively drives new business while simultaneously nurturing existing client relationships.

Despite having only the logo as a starting point, the challenge was to create a website that encapsulated the firm's values and objectives, particularly through the integration of regular and insightful blogging.


I developed a cohesive visual identity by deriving a color palette directly from the logo and selecting imagery and icons that harmonized with the established colors and branding elements.

I implemented several enhancements to the layout, including the incorporation of a dedicated blog section to provide valuable insights and information. Additionally, I introduced a prominent scheduling button aimed at facilitating appointment bookings, thereby fostering new client engagements. To underscore the firm's credibility, I integrated logos from reputable news sources.


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High Fidelity Designs

Using a line art icon style depicting astronauts and planets for Dream Financial Planning, we symbolized exploration and discovery. Through this iconic style, we convey a sense of optimism, empowerment, and readiness to guide clients toward their financial dreams.

Celestial imagery of the sky and stars evokes a sense of security, possibility, and boundless opportunity. By incorporating this imagery into the brand identity, we seek to inspire confidence and instill a sense of wonder in clients as they navigate their financial futures with Dream by their side.

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