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Dogwood Wealth Partners

The client may have made edits to this site that do not reflect the orginal design.

Project Overview

Dogwood Wealth Partners was a distinguished financial advisory firm located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their website, crafted on the Twenty Over Ten platform, was developed with their logo alone as the jumping off point.

The primary objectives included attracting prospective clients, facilitating convenient access for existing clientele through secure login portals, and promoting informative webinars and events. Through deliberate curation, I integrated nature imagery, notably featuring Dogwood trees, representing prosperous retirement prospects.

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Design Process


The process began with an initial consultation, during which I explored the objectives and expectations of Dogwood Wealth Partners. Through this comprehensive dialogue, I learned insights into their organizational dynamics, aspirations, and the anticipated utility of the website.

This inquiry revealed that Dogwood Wealth Partners aspired to achieve three objectives: attracting potential clients, ensuring seamless access for current clientele through secure login portals, and promoting webinars and events.


The defined design problem for Dogwood Wealth Partners was the need to establish a compelling digital presence that effectively drives new business while simultaneously nurturing existing client relationships.

Despite having only the logo as a starting point, the challenge was to create a website that encapsulated the firm's values and objectives, particularly through promoting webinars and events.


I developed a cohesive visual identity by deriving a color palette directly from the logo and selecting imagery and icons that harmonized with the established colors and branding elements.

I implemented several refinements to the layout, including the incorporation of a dedicated section to provide information on webinars and events. Additionally, we introduced a prominent button for current clients to access secure login portals.


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High Fidelity Designs

By employing a subtle striped brand pattern, Dogwood Wealth Partners underscores its commitment to clarity, precision, and dynamic progression.

Drawing inspiration from the enduring symbolism of nature, particularly Dogwood trees, we aimed to evoke feelings of stability, growth, and abundance. As clients embark on their financial journeys alongside Dogwood, they are enveloped in a world where the resilience of nature mirrors the strength and promise of their financial ventures.

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