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CIG Financial Services

The client may have made edits to this site that do not reflect the orginal design.

Project Overview

CIG Financial Services, located in Winston-Salem, NC, operates as a distinguished financial advisory firm. Leveraging the Twenty Over Ten platform, their website was crafted to align with their corporate identity.

Incorporating their logo and brand pattern, I strategically employed the latter within the hero sections, complementing the vibrant blue color palette with elegant black and white imagery. The resulting design exudes a welcoming, professional demeanor while maintaining a standard of excellence indicative of the firm's stature.

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Design Process


The process commenced with an initial meeting during which I delved into the client's objectives and anticipations. Through this dialogue, I learned valuable insights into their business operations, ambitions, and the envisioned purpose of the website.


The design challenge for CIG Financial Services lay in creating a compelling digital presence that not only attracts new business but also fosters existing client relationships effectively.


I formulated a cohesive visual identity by extracting a color palette directly from the logo and curating imagery and icons that seamlessly complemented the established colors and branding elements, such as the brand pattern.


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Interior Page

High Fidelity Designs

Employing a professional line-art icon style, CIG Financial Services embodies the essence of elegance and professionalism. Through this refined visual approach, the firm conveys a sense of trustworthiness, expertise, and dedication to guiding clients towards their financial goals with precision and grace.

Utilizing a meticulously crafted geometric brand pattern infused with shades of blue, CIG reaffirms its dedication to clarity and precision.

Brand Pattern

Icon Style