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Broadway Graham Wealth Partners

The client may have made edits to this site that do not reflect the orginal design.

Project Overview

Broadway Graham Wealth Partners is a distinguished financial advisory firm based in Springfield, IL. Their website, constructed on the Twenty Over Ten platform, was tailored to reflect their unique brand identity, initially encapsulated by their logo.

With a clear directive to introduce their firm's ethos, services, and core values, the design strategy focused on curated imagery reflective of their locale and diverse clientele.

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Design Process


The process began with an introductory meeting where I delved into the client's goals and expectations. Through this discussion, I obtained insights regarding their business operations, aspirations, and the envisioned role of the website.

From this research, it became apparent that Broadway Graham Wealth Partners sought curated imagery that would accurately reflect both their local context and the diversity of their clientele.


Despite having only the logo and the brand pattern as a starting point, the challenge was to create a website that encapsulated the firm's values and objectives, particularly through the integration of black and white imagery and simple line-style icons.


I developed a cohesive visual identity by deriving a color palette directly from the logo and selecting imagery and icons that harmonized with the established colors and branding elements.


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Incorporating imagery of individuals and the local area imparts a sense of community, familiarity, and connection. By integrating these visuals into the brand identity, we aimed to evoke trust and evoke a sense of belonging for clients as they embark on their financial journeys alongside Broadway Graham Wealth Partners. The grey dotted brand pattern added detail and visual interest.

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Brand Pattern